Alexander González

More about Alexander González:

Plain Concepts – AI Software Engineer

I’m a young entrepreneur, passionate about technology, Computer vision, Machine and Deep learning engineer. I’m working hard in cloud and AI worlds. Always open to knowledge, to learn, observe, reflect and then to take the best of myself and share it with others. Interested all the time to listen everybody, teachers, developers, geeks, or people who simply are interesting and creative!



Plain Concepts Masterclass will speak about:

Equip medical devices with intelligence

12:10 – 1300 Wednesday 11 March


In this session we will see how we can use different Deep Learning models for the analysis of medical images. Specifically, we will see how to detect gray matter in the spine using dilated convolution techniques. In addition, we will also mention the different techniques to perform to optimize/deploy our models on Iot Edge devices such as Raspberry Pi, Coral Dev Board or Jetson Nano.


Level: Medium

Language: English