Alonso Gragera

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Unit4 – Machine Learning Expert

Alonso Gragera graduated in computer science and earned a master in Soft Computing and Intelligent Systems at University of Granada. Later, joined the Imai lab at The University of Tokyo, researching about metrics, hashing, trees and graphs, as well as their applications to artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. He co-founded and developed Japan’s largest Airbnb cleaning marketplace, HouseCare.
Now, works as the product owner and machine learning expert of Smart Automation Services at Unit4.



Unit4 will speak about:

Movie Wars – Building a ML movie recommender

11:10 – 12:40 Wednesday 11 March




– Alonso Gragera

– Manuel Ruiz

The participants of the workshop will build a movie recommendation engine using Machine Learning, covering all steps of the process from data analysis to making predictions.

Contents of the workshop:
Episode I –The Phantom Problem
Episode II –Attack of the Data
Episode III –Revenge of the Outliers
Episode IV – A New Pipeline
Episode V – The Training Strikes Back
Episode VI – Return of the Metrics
Episode VII – The Model Awakens
Episode VIII – The Last Hyper-parameter
Episode IX – The Rise of Predictions
Bonus – The Dark Side


Level: Expert


Language: English