Carmen Torrano

More about Carmen Torrano:

Telefonica – Product Manager in IoT Security

PhD in Computer Science from the Carlos III University of Madrid, specialized in Computer Security and Artificial Intelligence, developed at the Spanish National Resarch Council. She is currently working as Senior Researcher at Telefónica, particularly in the IoT Security initiative, which belongs to both ElevenPaths (Telefónica’s Cybersecurity Unit) and the IoT area. She is also one of the selected CSE of the Eleven Paths, a program that recognizes professionals of the cybersecurity sector.

At the same time, she gives lectures at different Spanish universities. In addition, Carmen has participated in numerous conferences and congresses as the Black Hat Europe, Navaja Negra, STIC CCN-CERT, Cybercamp, RECSI, JNIC or Women Techmakers.

Carmen Torrano will speak about:

Superpower: Machine Learning + Cybersecurity + IoT

16:30 - 17:00 Tuesday 22 September


The architecture of most of the IoT services is composed of three key elements:
An ecosystem of devices, an IoT platform that collects information from those devices (and sends commands to those devices), and a network that plays a central role as a connector of both elements. In this session we will show how applying machine learning techniques combined with cyber threat intelligence feeds over the network traffic is the foundation of an effective and scalable IoT threat detection solution.


Level: Medium.

Language of speak: Inglés