Claus Jepsen

More about Claus Jepsen:

Claus Jepsen is a technology expert who has been fascinated by the micro-computer revolution ever since he received a Tandy TRS model 1 at the age of 14. Since then, Claus has spent the last few decades developing and architecting software solutions, most recently at Unit4, where he is the Chief Architect and Head of Innovation, leading the ERP vendor’s focus on enabling the post-modern enterprise.

At Unit4, Claus is building cloud-based, super-scalable solutions and bringing innovative technologies such as AI, chatbots, and predictive analytics to ERP. Claus believes strongly that having access to vast amounts of data allows us to construct better, non-intrusive and pervasive solutions to improve our experiences, relieve us from tedious chores, and allow us to focus on what we as individuals really love doing.

Claus Jepsen will speak about:

Next Generation Enterprise Software Architecture

13:20 - 14:10 Tuesday 19 March

In his talk, Claus will cover how the architecture of enterprise software has developed over the last 30 years, and where it’s heading. We’ll take a look at the impact of new technologies on how we, as architects, design software utilizing new possibilities, paradigms and tools to accomplish better user experiences, more fault-tolerant, super scalable and distributed solution, offering new innovations faster to users.

Language of speak: Español