Eric Martín

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Plain Concepts  – AI Chapter Lead

AI Chapter Lead at Plain Concepts. Passioned about Data and AI. Always trying to apply the latest technologies to extract Data Insights.



Plain Concepts Workshop will speak about:

Creating “Magic” with AI

15:00 – 17:00 Thursday 12 March


Would you like to be able to create authentic Magic™ cards from a photograph? Now it is possible. Magic™ cards are the perfect excuse to be able to develop a diverse array of AI algorithms: natural text generation, image processing and some other surprises that you just must discover…
The goal is to generate a card from an image uploaded by the user. But relax, it is not necessary to know how the game works to be able to learn the different techniques for text generation and image processing in a fun way.
In this session we will see:
• Image classification
• Extract characteristics of an image through Convolutional Networks
• Natural text generation based on Recurring Networks and Attention Mechanisms
• Deployment of the model in a scalable way, to be consumed by any user


Level: Expert.

Language: Spanish