Francisco José Izquierdo

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IBM – NLP Subject Matter Expert

Francisco José Izquierdo has a Civil Engineer degree from UPM. He started working for IBM in 2007 as technical leader in Spain for products related to Natural Language Processing, including
Watson Assistant and Watson Discovery. Francisco has worked in definition and implementation of different projects on these technologies either indifferent companies.
Starting in 2010 he has been teacher of Natural Language Processing, Text Mining and Computational Linguistics in several Spanish universities, being mentor in several master’s final projects, including “Opportunities for Conversational Agents in financial institutions”.

Francisco José Izquierdo will speak about:

Present and future on computational linguistics, from machine learning to deep learning

12:10 - 12:40 Tuesday 22 September


This conference will describe different tasks and needs approached by computational linguistics and in general by natural language processing, starting in search engines and covering conversation assistants, classification tools and so on.
We will see the evolution of the tools helping to solve this issues and needs along the time, starting in the origins with language identification and normalization, describing feature
engineering for text representation, covering supervised and non-supervised classification as well as topic extraction usual in machine learning, and finally we will cover embeddings and new classification techniques usual in deep learning technologies.


Level: Medium.

Language of speak: Inglés

Latest developments and news on conversational agents

15:00 - 16:00 Tuesday 22 September


Conversational agents (chatbots) are probably one of the most promising tools used to interface between humans and applications. Their evolution is impressive. This workshop will cover some of the newest advances in these technologies. We will see these points during the workshop:
 Importing skills and assistants
 Disambiguation & Slots
 System entities
 Dialogs
 Digressions
 Web page integration
 Using an assistant from different channels (Telegram…)
 Connecting Assistant with document search engines (demo)


Level: Medium.

Language of speak: Inglés