Inés Gámez y Joshua Zaporta

More about Inés Gámez y Joshua Zaporta:

Inés Gámez y Joshua Zaporta are User Experience designers at Unit4. They are dedicated to the development of style guides and design fundamentals for the company’s UX platform, as well as prototyping solutions for web applications related to ERP.

Both come from the field of graphic design and at the same time they carry out their own projects. Joshua manages The Zaportas, graphic design studio for events and Inés, creates posters, illustration and editorial design for different agencies.

Inés Gámez y Joshua Zaporta will speak about:

A Design System to rule them all

17:00 - 18:00 Thursday 01 January

In a fast and competitive world, in constant movement, digital brands usually have a diverse and changing design team. To standardize, speed up and guarantee the usability of the user experience in their products, Design Systems arise. In this master class, two UX designers from Unit4 will reveal some secrets of Design Systems, some cases of use, as well as the main elements to take into account while building them, from design principles and general guidelines, to specific reusable components such as typography or colour.

Maximum assistance: Master Class

Previous Knowledges: No previous knowledge is needed, just curiosity for learning how the best apps and webs are designed.

Necessary equipment: None

Language of speak: Español