Jonay Cantero

More about Jonay Cantero:

Jonay Cantero studied Sociology with a specialization in Analysis of Market Variables at the University of Granada and majored in Web Analytics at the IEBS School.

He is the creator and director of Wola Marketing & Comunicación, an advertising and digital media agency whose services are aimed at optimizing the external marketing and advertising services for companies from different sectors that have decided to incorporate innovative ideas and take a big step in communication. It is an agency specialized in campaigns of re-branding of companies, whose philosophy is based on the belief that nowadays the buyer does not come for the product or service, but rather that it approaches the brand to consume certain experiences and that the brand must provide them. It has a strong department of creative, graphics, web and audiovisual designers with a young and innovative format in which they have invested from the beginning.

For Jonay, creativity, strategy, production and monitoring of 360º Advertising Campaigns are different objectives of branding.

He is an expert in web analytics and social media, the field to which he is dedicated completely, He believes in vices and virtues of the use of influencers in content marketing strategies.

For him, the best thing for a team is a good work atmosphere and a creative, pleasant and positive environment. A team that is happy, works better.

To reduce the environmental impact, Jonay, in collaboration with the City Council of Vegas del Genil (Granada), plants a tree for each project he carries out.

Jonay Cantero will speak about:

Marketing with influencers in social media strategies

10:20 - 11:05 Thursday 21 March

Language of speak: Español