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José Ángel Fernández

More about José Ángel Fernández:

Microsoft – Cloud Solutions Architect

He holds a Bachelor in Telecommunication engineering by UPM, he became the Technical Evangelist at Microsoft. After two years touring the world speaking of Azure and other solutions from infrastructure, it works today as CSA helping customers to build their cloud solutions.



Microsoft will speak about:

From information to knowledge, using Cognitive Services to extract what your documents do not tell you

15:40 – 16:10 Thursday 12 March




Jorge Valenzuela

José Ángel Fernández

Almost in all organizations there are large amounts of documents stored and saved and those organizations are not taken advantage of them. The information that is in the documents, can be of great value to the business if it were accessible, were indexed or were available for searches.
Thanks to the capabilities of cognitive services, such as those of Microsoft ones, it is possible to build a repository using text recognition, image or translation techniques.
Discover in this session what is possible and how to do it.


Level: Medium.


Language: English