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Juani Bermejo

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University of Granada – Athenea3i – Marie Curie researcher

Extremeñian scientist, trans queer activist, physicist, computer scientist and expert on quantum computation. I am currently a Marie Curie – Athenea3i researcher in the University of Granada, Spain. I have worked as a researcher in the Free University of Berlin (2016-2019) and the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics, Munich, Germany. I did my undergraduate studies in the University of Salamanca (2005-2010), Spain. I am cofounder of the Q-turn quantum information workshop and the Equal Opportunity Group of the Max-Planck PhDnet. My activism promotes labor rights, responsible research, diversity, equity, inclusion and the creation of inclusive spaces in science.

Juani Bermejo will speak about:

Advances and challenges in quantum computing

11:30 - 12:00 Tuesday 22 September


Quantum computing studies the use of microscopic phenomena to speed up computer calculations. Recent advances allow one to build quantum computers of modest size, which could improve research in computational physics. Many laboratories have “quantum simulators”; Google has announced a quantum chip that could show computational advantages. But has the age of quantum computing arrived? For what calculations and by when do we expect to see quantum advantages? How do you verify complex quantum calculations in the presence of experimental noise? Who works in quantum computing? In this talk we will review the state of the art of quantum computing as an emerging technology, we will talk about quantum computing as an international community, and we will introduce the research that the University of Granada is doing in this area.


Level: Medium.

Language of speak: Inglés