María Teresa Martín

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University of Jaén – Full Professor in Computer Science Department – Vice-Chancellor of Digital University

M. Teresa Martín-Valdivia is a Full Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the

University of Jaén (Spain) and since April 2019, she is Vice Chancellor of Digital University at the University of Jaén. She is a founding member of the Spin-off of the University of Jaén YottaCode
SL created in 2016 in order to develop therapeutic software based on TLH in the field of cognitive language disorders.
She belongs to the SINAI (Sistemas INteligentes de Acceso a la Información: Intelligent Access to Information Systems) research group since its creation in 2001 and her main areas of research
are related to Human Language Technologies (HLT), or also known as Natural Language Processing (NLP), applied to information retrieval systems as well as affective and social computing through the application of machine learning techniques and the integration of linguistic resources.
She is currently focused on the study and development of sentiment analysis and emotion recognition systems for social purposes such as hate speech detection systems, mental health problems (anorexia, depression, suicide …) or offensive language detection as well as the generation and integration of linguistic resources for adapting this type of systems to Spanish.


María Teresa Martín will speak about:

Language Tecnologies for a better world

15:00 - 15:30 Monday 21 September


We partially live in the digital world. Our beliefs, preferences, personal details and daily interactions with others are continuously publicly exhibited through our reflections in the network of data. Some are more vulnerable to this exposition: underage persons, teenagers, elderly people or those with some sort of mental disorder. Harassment, abuse, manipulation, extortion, bullying, incitement to suicide or misbehaviours… all these attacks have been leveraged by the new forms of social interaction promoted by the Internet.
Human language is the main transmission medium involved in social interaction and it is time for current revolutionary algorithms in natural language processing to take part in this scenario and provide means to prevent and predict risky interactions, protecting the most fragile members of our digital societies. Human language technologies can help us to build more confident environments.


Level: Basic.

Language of speak: Español