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Mario Borbalás

More about Mario Borbalás:

Computer engineer, shipped on the search for knowledge. Tries to be always available to others, and help to solve problems that appear every day. What he likes most is to enjoy his family, try to play the guitar, as well as remembering how to practice Karate.

Mario Borbalás will speak about:

GraphQL: the alternative to REST APIs that is currently taking the developer world by storm

09:30 - 10:30 Thursday 01 January

Discover how to solve the typical problems of REST APIs such as: over fetching, conventions, versioning or lack of documentation using a new system based on graphs, a natural language and a specific schema. In this workshop, you will learn what GraphQL is and how to use it creating a simple API on more complete implementations: NodeJS. Large companies such as Facebook, Paypal or Unit4 already use this technology.

Maximum assistance: 60

Previous Knowledges: no

Language of speak: Español