Mick Vleeshouwer

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Microsoft – Cloud Solution Architect for Data & AI

Mick Vleeshouwer is a Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft, with a background in software engineering. Working with new and existing Microsoft partners in Western Europe on their Data & Artificial Intelligence solutions. He is excited to show you how every engineer can integrate AI into their application, by using the power of the cloud.



Microsoft will speak about:

Cognitive Services, using standard cognitive AI services

10:40 – 13:30 Thursday 12 March



Megan Bloemsma

Mick Vleeshouwer

Microsoft Cognitive Services are the Services from Microsoft that allow you to infuse AI into your application without the need to build you own models. This applies to Voice Recognition, image and face recognition in photos and video, keyword extraction in text and much more.

This workshop will give you insight how to use the Microsoft Cognitive Services APIs in your own applications.


Level: Medium.

Language: English