Mnica Villas Olmeda

Mónica Villas Olmeda

More about Mónica Villas Olmeda:

Mónica Villas is Industrial Engineer from ICAI, MBA from the Autonomous University of Madrid and former executive of IBM, with solid experience in technical pre-sales, which has allowed her to understand very well the needs of clients and recommend them the right technology to improve their business. She is  passionate about finding different ways of doing things, transforming team skills and teaching technology.  The technologies she has  deep experience are Cloud, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. She is  currently working as a consultant in new technologies, she  is leading an AI bootcamp at Immune Technology and she teachs in different schools (IE, ESIC, Immune). Additionally, she is starting the Phd in artificial intelligence and she is the  Training Director of ODISEIA (Observatory of Social and Ethical Impact and Artificial Intelligence).

Mónica Villas Olmeda will speak about:

The challenges of ethics and AI

17:10 - 17:40 Tuesday 22 September

How the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence is challenging how to use it and know not only the advantages it provides but also the possible risks.

Level: Medium

Language of speak: Inglés