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Óscar Cordón

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Óscar Cordón has a degree (1994) and a PhD (1997) in Computer Science from the University of Granada, where he is Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. He participated in the creation of his Virtual Teaching Center (2001-05) and was the Rector’s Delegate (Vice-Rector) for the Digital University (2015-19). He was a senior researcher at the European Centre for Soft Computing, an international private research center (2006-2011), and then Affiliated Researcher Distinguished (2011-2015).

Is IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Outstanding Early Career Award Award (2011), in its first edition; IFSA Award for Outstanding Applications of Fuzzy Technology (2011); ARITMEL National Computer Science Prize from the Spanish Scientific Society (2014); IEEE Fellow (2018) and IFSA Fellow (2019). He has published 370 scientific papers (including a research book with over 1300 Google Scholar citations and 105 articles indexed in the JCR- SCI, 62 in Q1), directed 19 doctoral theses, coordinated 36 research projects and contracts (with a global budget of >9M euros), and is or has been Associate Editor of 18 international journals. He has an international patent in exploitation on an intelligent system for forensic identification based in the skeleton, with sales in Mexico and South Africa. It is also included in the 1% of researchers most cited in the world (source: Thomson Reuters’ Web of Knowledge, h index=35) and has over 13400 quotes in Google Scholar (h index=54).

Óscar Cordón will speak about:

Artificial Intelligence and Social Networks: ZIO: Simulation Models for Marketing

13:00 - 13:30 Monday 21 September

In this talk we will present a marketing analysis solution based on Artificial Intelligence, Zio, developed by the University of Granada and commercially operated by the company RØD Brand Consultants.

ZIO is a virtual laboratory that allows you to simulate competitive markets and predict KPIs such as sales, word-of-mouth (WoM) and/or brand recognition through the use of advanced social simulation techniques, social network analysis, evolutionary algorithms and technologies of cutting-edge marketing as “behavioral economics”. The system models the behavior of consumers allowing to analyze the impact of marketing investments by running simulations of Monte Carlo for a specific period.

Virtual consumers have a finite memory that stores the perceptions and recognition of existing brands in the artificial market, and make rational purchasing decisions based on maximizing their preferences from that information. Every day, consumer agents receive impacts from external sources (touchpoints): mass media, TV, radio, Internet and/or the product’s own use experience.

These impacts modify their mental state during the simulation and can cause information cascades (WoM) to through the social network of the consumer population.

The service developed is especially useful for those responsible for investment decisions in marketing campaigns in the media. Until now, this type of decision used to take into account the historical data of previous investments, without having a clear idea of the effectiveness of the previous marketing campaigns nor the impact of the distribution of the mix on the results company’s global operations.

Through Zio, the decision maker is able to evaluate an unlimited number of strategies marketing in real time before launching any of them to the market. RØD has carried out or is carrying out marketing projects using the Zio platform for a large number of national and international companies from very diverse sectors such as Coca-Cola Europe, Jaguar/Land Rover, Foster’s Hollywood, Domino’s Pizza, El Corte Inglés, Telefonica, Samsung, CAPSA, WiZink, Pelayo and L’Oreal Paris Mexico.

Language of speak: Inglés