Óscar Duro & José A. Ortega

More about Óscar Duro & José A. Ortega:

Axesor – Data Science & Business Analytics Manager

Óscar Duro is a mathematician and specialist in Daa Science with more than 20 years of experience in the development of national and international projects with a strong analytical component. His work within the Telefonica and Axesor groups is outstanding.
He joined Axesor 12 years ago as Data Science Manager with the aim of transforming the information accumulated in Axesor into knowledge for the development of business strategies both in the B2C and in the B2C field.


Axesor – Marketing Intelligence Director

José Antonio Ortega has a degree in Business Administration and Management and a Master’s degree in Marketing at EOE.
He has been working at AXESOR for thirteen years, linked to the database marketing field and the management of large customer development projects in sectors such as banking, insurance and telecommunications.
Previously he was a consultant at SOLUZIONA in Datawarehouse and Business Intelligent developing projects in large corporations.

Óscar Duro & José A. Ortega will speak about:

Location intelligence & machine learning: Conocimiento para unir los mundos físico y digital

13:00 - 13:30 Tuesday 22 September



Óscar Duro

José Antonio Ortega

One of the most interesting applications of AI and Machine Learning today is it’s application to the field of Location Intelligence. The geographic component for the actionability of knowledge in the implementation of business strategies is fundamental to their success. We will talk about how to design and execute expansion plans for points of sale, geographic search for market niches, commercial planning for visits, zoning….. and all this showing how AI and Machine Learning are applied to Location Intelligence.


Level: Basic.

Language of speak: Español