Raquel Jiménez

More about Raquel Jiménez:

Raquel Jiménez is a Gender Consultant. Currently, she coordinates the online training project “Escuela Virtual de Igualdad” (Institute for Women and Equal Opportunities) aimed at training professionals from different fields around the principle of equal opportunities and treatment of women and men. His main hobby is running and traveling in a motor home with the family.

Raquel Jiménez will speak about:

The technology sector as a lever to reduce the gender gap.

12:40 - 13:40 Wednesday 20 March

This round table seeks to bring together the actors that can generate the change towards inclusion and gender equality in order to identify ways to solve one of the main problems of the technology sector: the lack of presence of women.

According to the recent report “Women in the Digital Economy in Spain”, studies show that teams with higher levels of diversity are more innovative, companies with a high female presence are more competitive and are more resistant to economic crises. However, the current data show a trend contrary to the desired one. Women choose fewer and fewer studies related to ICT, and as a consequence, their already low participation in the sector does not grow at the necessary pace.

During the session different issues will be considered that lead to the end of the round table with a list of tangible actions that can be applied to improve this situation.

Moderator: Raquel Jiménez, Gender Consultant.


Language of speak: Español