Samuel Molnar

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Intuo by Unit4 – Tech Lead

Samuel Molnar is software engineer at Intuo by Unit4 focusing on data analysis. In the past, his research explored open data, most notably judiciary data as a co-founder of a project called Open Courts ( At Intuo, he is focused on information extraction from raw text, text semantics and prediction of employee engagement based on performance metrics.



Unit4 will speak about:

The Data on Employee Happiness: Predicting Engagement and Mitigating Turnover

10:40 – 11:10 Thursday 22 september



Tim Clawert

Samuel Molnar

Growing number of organisations is struggling with employee turnover. Identifying early signs of a drop in employee engagement is key to mitigate the turnover and increase the employee satisfaction. At Intuo we’re are building automated ways to identify these early signs and assist the managers in mitigating the turnover early on. We’ll explore our prediction model compared to baseline engagement data gathered as a part of our platform and we will touch on our reasoning behind various characteristics contributing to employee satisfaction.


Level: Medium.

Language: English