Sander Van Den Hoven

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Sander works with Independent Software Vendors to build large scale software solutions on the Microsoft Cloud Platforms Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics. Sander focuses on Software development and Cloud Infrastructure and has a background in Knowledge Systems and Artificial Intelligence.



Microsoft will speak about:

Guided Lab on Microsoft Cognitive Services to infuse AI in your applications

10:40 – 13:30 Tuesday september 22th

  • Megan Bloemsma
  • Mick Vleeshouwer
  • Sander Van Den Hoven

Microsoft Cognitive Services are the Services from Microsoft that allow you to infuse AI into your application without the need to build you own models. This applies to Voice Recognition, image and face recognition in photos and video, keyword extraction in text and much more.

This workshop will give you insight how to use the Microsoft Cognitive Services APIs in your own applications.

Level: Medium.

Language: English



Guided Lab On Microsoft MLOPS to streamline Machine Learning Projects

14:00 – 17:00 Tuesday september 22th


Azure Machine Learning Services is the solution from Microsoft to Collaborate, Manage, Deploy and Monitor Machine Learning models. This workshop will give you insights how to work with Azure Machine Learning services using your familiar Python stack.

  • Juan Manuel Servera Bondroit
  • Guenda Sciancalepore
  • Sander Van Den Hoven


Level: Medium.

Language: English