Sander Van der Hoven en la South Tech Week

Sander van den Hoven

More about Sander van den Hoven:

Sander van den Hoven is Principal Technical Evangelist at Microsoft.

He works with Independent software vendors to build large scale software solutions on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, Office 365 and Dynamics. Sander focuses on Software Development and Cloud Infrastructure and has a background in Knowledge Systems and Artificial Intelligence.

Sander van den Hoven will speak about:

The promises of the Cloud and AI

09:30 - 10:10 Tuesday 19 March

Cloud Computing is rapidly becoming the de-facto standard for software solutions. From a way to deploy applications to somebody else’s computer, it is starting to become a new paradigm; Organization are either in the cloud, moving to the cloud or are debating if they should. The cloud has enabled new possibility that enabled massive scalable applications, very large data storage and delivers computer processing power that is boosting Artificial Intelligence.

In this talk Sander will give the view of Microsoft on Cloud Computing and Machine Learning, why we think it is a major shift in computing and why Microsoft bet its company on it.

Language of speak: Español